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 The PRO ARTE Foundation holds about 250 events annually. Those include lectures, master classes, exhibitions, concerts and conferences at PRP ARTE premises and in Peter and Paul Fortress, but also in other museums, galleries and concert halls in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Krasnoyarsk, Pertrozavodsk, Vyborg, and other Russian cities.


17.11.2013 - 24.11.2013


Krasnoyarsk – Moscow, March-November, 2013

The competition for those willing to participate in the program was open March 1-25, 2013.
After interviews the winners formed a group of 20 young journalists from Krasnoyarsk, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Vladivostok, Yakutsk, Abakan, Barnaul and Tomsk.
April 10-12, 2013: Dina Goder conducted setup classes, where the participants accessed each others’ reviews,commented on the texts and shared their opinions.

On-line Classes
Between April and October, 2013 the reviews were accessed during on-line sessions. 
Participants’ Reviews. 

Session in Krasnoyarsk
July 8-15, 2013 a Summer Session of the program took place in Krasnoyarsk. The Session was attended by 17 participants. 
The first travelling seminar featured lectures and workshops on music, visual arts, film, literature, theater, ballet.

Dance critic Pavel Gershenzon and music critic Olga Manulkina introduced the participants of the program to the latest trends in contemporary dance and music. Literary critic Galina Yuzefovitch read a lecture on new trends and alternative business models in the world publishing business and on the Russian literature market; she also conducted a master-class on literary review writing. Dina Goder - the program curator and herself a theater critic – told about New Drama, about visual and documentary theater, new European theater and modern interpretations of the classics. The participants also visited two literary events of the writer and curator of the program Lev Rubinstein. Art-critic Kira Dolinina and the program participants visited Krasnoyarsk Museum Center and talked over the exhibitions they saw there.

The lectures lasted until late at night, accompanied with evening and late-night screenings of the latest theater and musical performances, video-art, animation and video-films.

Session in Moscow
Session Studies

The final session took place in Moscow November 17-24, 2013. Credited by the curators for their work and reviews 13 participants were admitted to this session. 
The classes consisted of a theory course – lectures on the history of the 20th century culture (architecture, contemporary dance, documentary film, music), and practice – tutorials and master-classes by well-known journalists from Moscow and St. Petersburg. During their master-classes with Dina Goder young journalists analyzed and discussed the reviews they had written. Yuri Saprykin, Chief Editor of the Afisha-Vozdukh – a new Internet cultural magazine told the participants how the project was launched and shared his vision of the future of journalism in the digital age. Alexander Gobachev, head of the Afisha-Volna, on-line review of contemporary music, and Chief Editor of the Afisha magazine paper version, conducted a workshop on music criticism. Vasily Stepanov told about the ways to write about TV-series, Linor Goralik shared her ideas about fashion journalism. Simone Duarte, deputy editor of the Publico newspaper and Internet-portal (Portugal) presented her periodical and conducted a seminar on cultural journalism.
Apart from attending classes the program participants also visited exhibitions, went to theaters and concerts, took guided tours to see Moscow’s architectural landmarks. Young journalists also visited Echo Moskvy radio station as guests of the program hosted by Sergei Buntman.

Training certificates were awarded to the following participants: 

1. Mikhail Bayev (Kemerovo)
2. Alexander Bakin (Yekaterinburg)
3. Yelena Belova (Vladivostok)
4. Olga Zhernakova (Abakan)
5. Anton Zakharov (Barnaul)
6. Maria Israilova (Kemerovo)
7. Margarita Loginova (Novosibirsk)
8. Oleg Lutokhin  (Yekaterinburg)
9. Stanislav Merkulov (Krasnoyarsk)
10. Natalya Mordinova (Yakutsk)
11. Maria Panikhina (Krasnoyarsk)
12. Maria Russkova (Krasnoyarsk)
13. Maria Ryavina (Yekaterinburg)

Activity Type :  Art Journalism
Students only:  Yes
Supported by:  Michail Proxorov Fund
Educational program:  SCHOOL OF ART JOURNALISM


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